Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One of the things I enjoy................

As a firefighter in the Southern Shores Volunteer Fire Department, I had the opportunity to participate in a training burn at a structure in Duck this past Saturday. As is usual with this type activity, it was a full 12 hour day beginning at 06:30.

Our Engine Company, E123:

From left to right: Chris Loyd, Geoff Smith, Shirley Ruff , Jeannie Shrader, and Bob Ruff

In addition the SSVFD participated with a Truck Company (T12) and the Rehab Unit. Also participating were, of course, the Duck VFD, with crews from Kitty Hawk, Nags Head and I believe, Manteo or Manns Harbor.

The structure:

I'm not certain exactly how may evolutions (fire attacks) were made through the course of the day, but our crew (standing by for any 911 calls) was able to make two entries on a room fire in the second level of the North Wing.

Letting it go!

The finished product.........a vacant ocean front lot.

Training opportunities like this are invaluable to our local fire departments. The nearest live fire training facilities are located on: Hatteras Island, Norfolk, and Wilson. Long distances for our North Beach departments to travel with all the needed equipment.

If you haven't considered the possibility, do think about joining your local volunteer fire department, they could use your help. Among other things, your participation will help with the community's insurance rating (and insurance rates), and help keep local taxes low.

As an example: the SSVFD maintains two Stations (East Dogwood and South Dogwood) with two Engine Companies and two Truck Companies, generally responding with around twenty personnel on a "working" fire call. Cost to the Town: under $300,00 this year. Can you imagine what it would cost to have the same level of service from a paid department?

Think about this: if no one volunteers, what will happen?

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Coastland Times Editorial..........Tax Burden.......

Did you read the recent Coastland Times editorial on the local tax burden? I intended to post a rebuttal, but Bob Muller in Nags Head beat me to it. In fact, his post is so factual and concise, I can't think of a thing to add to it.

Mr. Muller's post of Feb. 7, entitled How to Ruin a Good Report can be found at View from the Ridge.